Cervical Massager Shoulder


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1. High-value appearance, four-head electrode design, TENS+EMS dual-mode combination to transform massage, voice broadcast with wireless remote control (voice broadcast is in English by default, and the language can be customized according to customer needs) The net weight of the body is only 90g, versatile and wearable A sense of violation, a private masseur who can use it anytime, anywhere.
2. Independent research and development and upgrading of low-frequency pulse electrotherapy: leading industry technology, no irritation massage mode, fast penetration, targeted solutions to neck problems.
3. The Nuvoton chip runs faster and the massage intensity is more stable.
4. The product adopts three-layer rubber paint, which has a delicate hand feeling, and is more comfortable to wear when massaged.
5. PI heating: 5S heating, two-stage temperature constant temperature hot compress (39-41℃) (41-43℃)
6. The heating function and pulse discharge can be used for 160 minutes
7. Multi-intensity switching: 15 levels of pulse intensity can be adjusted at will, suitable for different cervical spine problems and meeting the needs of different groups of people.
Five modes (1 combination mode, 2 massage mode, 3 tapping mode, 4 scraping mode, 5 acupuncture and moxibustion mode)
Level 1-5: Less power/slight massage feeling
5-10 levels: moderate intensity/medium-light massage feeling
10-15 levels: greater intensity/high-intensity massage

Applicable parts: neck
Massage contacts: 4
Power supply mode: USB
Control method: mechanical
Color: deep emerald green, deep white
Rated power: 5W
Rated voltage: 5V
Massage time: 15Min/time
Massage modes: five modes
Massage intensity: 15 levels adjustable
Massage temperature: 42℃
Charging time: about 1 hour

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